Moffels of the people:
"sex performance" on a "survey"

It’s totally anonymous & made from YOUR question YOU wanted ANSWERED. View the video, Do the survey & then you can see the general results

Honesty is appreciated, creativity is admired ; )

Video by Andrew Schulz (we do not own this content. All credits go to its repective rightfull owners)

Choose your gender and answer the questions. (key word: “choose”)

  • Woman
  • Man



In terms of penetration, how long do you last? (first round)

How satisfied are you with you're performance?


How much do you value foreplay?

In terms of penetration, how long would you like sex to last? (first round)"

What question(s) would you have liked to been asked?


From 3 a.m. homie talk, to 4th grade book report, how honest where you completing this survey overall?

Didn’t read the book [nothing was true]            Truth is power [completely honest]

When was the last time you were inside your mom? (People from Alabama, just tell us when you where born, please) [birth date]

which imaginary borders STEALS your/your family's money through "social contributions" (taxes) [which country are you from]

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A survey done with the questions you wanted to be asked: COMING SOON!!!

We said donations at the bottom didn’t we? 😉

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